The reflection upon the water

Is casting glittering flakes that sunder

Like a mirage swirling for ever.

As I glide through the stillness of the mater

Your icy heart has lost its power.


Thirsty vampire on my lake

Leave me here and now for my sake

As everything you do is take.

Your heart will burn first at the stake

You, vile evil hissing snake.


Feel my heat, dearest vampire

Hear the fear silky sire!

Feel the fierce flames filled with my ire

But wait till my silver wire

Makes your last hour dire.


Consumed with your magnificence,

In the thick air dies the evanescence

Of what was once love’s pure essence

You shall never come back as a reminiscence

In the abode of my existence.


Misspelled words,

Writing them as they come,

Fall of misspelled words

Over the steps covered with ivy

Misunderstood words,

Thinking them as they come,

Winter of misunderstood words,

Over my steps with fury


I’ve lost my path,

My path to myself,

My steps of shame,

In the moonlight shadow

That’s my story….


Until tomorrow

Drunk in my heart

Drunk with your words

In my day dream

Let it be spring.