The Lament Of The Whale

From too many years of horizontal waves

Crashing on the shore of my heart,

And from my body,

The tears

Falling down


Burst into a ghastly

Cry of crisscross words.

(Adapted from the French original:

Des années de vagues horizontales

Cognent au rivage de mon coeur

Et de mon corps,

Des larmes

Qui tombent

A la verticale

Dans un effroyable

Cri de maux croisés.)


Misspelled words,

Writing them as they come,

Fall of misspelled words

Over the steps covered with ivy

Misunderstood words,

Thinking them as they come,

Winter of misunderstood words,

Over my steps with fury


I’ve lost my path,

My path to myself,

My steps of shame,

In the moonlight shadow

That’s my story….


Until tomorrow

Drunk in my heart

Drunk with your words

In my day dream

Let it be spring.