Since my childhood I have been writing stories, poems, essays, funny notes, short stories and lately two novels that are still a work in process. For the most part my writings have remained my secret garden. Grabbing a pen and a paper have always been the greatest way out to de-clutter my thoughts or feelings, bringing me the freedom to be me. As a result, I have been note-booking for years and I recently thought to myself it would be about time to join the community of bloggers.

Now, I have got a slight concern. English is not my native tongue and you may notice that a few bits here and there are awkwardly put, or that the wording sounds weird. That’s because of the residues of my French origins (nobody’s perfect, let alone the French!!!)

Born and raised in France, I also lived in the US and in Africa. I have always felt France did not feel like home. From the moment I started to speak my first words of English at school, I was mesmerised. I wanted to know more, I wanted to speak more and then I ended up teaching English. Somehow it was not fulfilling enough. I needed to bask in the Anglo-Saxon spirit in my everyday’s life. In my mid 40’s after a hell of a roller-coaster life, I took the jump and left my country. It’s now from Bonnie Scotland that I’m writing but also working as a… French teacher. One of life’s irony!

I’m a mother of 3 boys, two grown ups and one teen. I am a woman, a teacher, a translator and a writer. I’m also be a friend, a lover, a cook, a doctor, an architect, a designer, a backpacker (private joke) and a pain in the neck… but never with ill-intentions.

Anyway what do I want to blog about?

From personal interests to ranting I want to cover a wide range of topics. After all, life is about variety and diversity. Hopefully these topics will not be too heavy (|I’ll leave that for my PhD). Life is a serious thing enough not to stray on the non-serious side of it on some occasions. Sometimes you’ll come along with me on the wild side, on the arguing side or why not on the wise side.

With the democratisation of culture, the flow of information inundating us, writing via social media has become a motivational tool to take the world/words over (or could it be to gain some recognition?)

Reading and writing changes us, changes our perspective – the one we have of the world and of the people around us.

Writing is to communicate, to give your own power to the words. It’s also a delayed communication but you can always go back and forth along the lines of communication, you can perceive things in the written words that might have slipped away from you in the world of the speaking words. I don’t communicate my thoughts in writing in the same way as I speak. Writing is meaningful. Writing is about inspiration and being inspired. Writing helps you organise all the wagons of your thoughts.

Let’s hope my train will take us on a nice journey.

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