1, 2, 3… 50 reasons not to…

1, 2, 3… 50 reasons not to…

Could it be that life’s problems are now coming down to a list of figures that would solve our existence’s big equation?

It’s not because I’ve recently hit the big 50, nor because half of a century has made me more maths-savvy, but if I add up all my years of non-awareness, multiplied by what I’ve learned, divided by Pi (my share of the pie), I wish I had known (seriously – not! ) as good as my tables, my ‘lists of truths’. These list are the new trendy pheno-theorem not even Pythagoras would have thought of.

First things first. Tips for life come now in a full figure attractive package. From 1 to 30, (as seen below) we are told that we shouldn’t bother, brothers and sisters, all is good, all is simple, all about life stands within a very accurate number of secrets, exclusive benefits, reasons, ways, facts etc… if only you knew. But, there’s still hope, cause if you can count till 30, you can count on the ‘list of truths’ to get your ticket to ride on a roller-flatter wonderful life. Easy, isn’t it? Maths and life seem to walk hand in hand to give us the truth – well, in theory. (However, I’m not denying any theory as some of them have blown up humanity and have proven themselves outstanding).

But let’s go back to counting our chips. From relationships, to health, well being, sex and so on and so forth, a new psycho-type of journalists and bloggers have invaded the media with their 1, 2, 3… a, b, c…

It seems there’s now a tendency to deal with serious matters in a view to a kill with these all- figures-out lists. The latter come across as almost life saving. The proof is in the latest articles that keep popping up in blogs and magazines:

1 Secret of a happy relationship

1 Old trick to kill diabetes

4 Things that surprisingly haven’t changed for women since the 60’s

5 Danger signs for your finances

6 Things that will help you love your body more

7 Ways to make your boyfriend happy

8 Pieces of life advice from women who’ve been there

8 Badass celebs who have called out Hollywood sex

9 Exclusive benefits of being in a long relationship on line

10 Stories of everyday sexism in the workplace

10 Tips for loving life in your 30s

10 Things I learned from getting divorced

10 Sex and relationships tips

11 Facts about twins

12 Reasons having curly hair rocks

15 Classic movies with the power to change your life

17 Fixes To Common Internet Problems We All Know And Hate

18 Things you wanted to know about guys and were afraid to ask

19 Very real struggles of women with big butts

21 Extraordinary women who changed sex forever

21 Way Gloria Steinem taught us be better women

30 Reasons to love my manfriend

(OK – 2, 3, 13, 14 16, and 20 are missing. Well there’s NO reason why you shouldn’t use them for the lottery!)

In a nutshell, I tend to believe complex thoughts and lengthy analysis rarely generate money these days. So why not decide to make us understand the complexity of life, by simplifying, mashing it all up for us thirsty target readers, bombarding us with clichés and generalisations. They deliberately bullet points the o-so-very obvious uncanny truth that we, mere mortal, have all missed out so far but that THEY (the aware briber-writers) know beyond all doubt. Amen…